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Red Garnet Amaranth / 100s of seeds

Red Garnet Amaranth / 100s of seeds


Red Garnet amaranth is a beautiful maroonish-red color with fuchsia-red flower heads making it an attractive addition to your gardens that can reach 6 feet or more in height.

Amaranth is generally sown as a summer annual, but if you live in areas that have cooler, shorter seasons, sow seeds indoors in the early spring and transplant outside after all danger of frost has passed. Choose a location that receives full sun and plant in the garden using a final spacing of fourteen inches. Seeds can take fourteen to twenty-one days to germinate at soil temperatures between 70 to 75ºF.


Harvested at 20 to 30 days, its young leaves are tender and mild and make a nice addition to a mixed greens salad. More mature leaves are used as a tasty cooked green and taste similar to spinach. Its seeds, as a "pseudo-grain," contain many amino acids and nutrients and can be eaten raw, sprouted, toasted or ground into flour. Even if you don't harvest it, small migrating birds will be attracted to it.

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